Grandmother Power is an exhibit based upon the book by author, Paola Gianturco. This exhibit is about the stories and history of grandmothers around the world who have contributed to their communities and really made a difference in many lives.


Through this website, we invite visitors to share a story and photo of their own grandmother(s). As "Grandmother Power" travels nationally and internationally, thousands of grandmother stories will be added. Once the exhibit returns to Grand Rapids, this growing collection of hero stories will become a part of the collection of the Grand Rapids Public Museum.


Activist grandmothers are standing up for their grandchildren in a fight for political, economic and social justice. Their astonishing stories were the inspiration for the exhibition "Grandmother Power", based on the award-winning book.


Paola’s fifth book, Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon reveals a new international activist grandmother movement. The book features 120 activist grandmothers on five continents who are fighting courageously and effectively - against poverty, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation and human rights abuse – to create a better world for grandchildren everywhere.