Delia Corazza

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Buenos Aires

Then when we need Argentina

Delia is my grandma. She is my role model and inspiration.
She started from nothing, worked her arse off for 40 years. She was there when women were granted the right to vote and to this day she hasn't missed  a single election. She raised two amazing children to be honorable and strong citizens. One of them was my mum, who died 15 years ago. Without hesitation, at the age of 67, my grandma took me and my 3 siblings (ranging from 16 to 11 years of age) under her care.
I would not be where I am today if it weren't for her.
She taught me the power of saying 'Thank You' and the warmth of a hug. 'There's no such thing as being overdressed' and 'manners above all' are some of her mantras. She empowered me to be independent, to aim high and go for it. To have no regrets. To love and protect my family above all.
Delia has one of the most contagious laughters in the world. And today, at 83, even if she is a tad stubborn, she still has the humility to be able to change her mind.
My 'abula' is one of  the most powerful women I've ever known, and this is a better world because she's in it.